Brace Yourselves....

We all know that illegally downloading television shows and movies from torrent websites is done all the time. The HBO series, "Game of Thrones" is the #1 downloaded, not surprisingly.

This "Scam Of The Week" warns against phishing emails that look like a notice from IP-Echelon, which is the company that enforces copyright claims for companies such as HBO.

The scary part?

The attack is forwarded directly from their own current Internet Service Provider.

dragonLast month Cox Cable had been unwittingly sending phishing emails that looked like a notice from IP-Echelon (the company that enforces copyright claims for companies such as HBO) to targeted subscribers.

The phishing attack is a fake violation notice that IP-Echelon has determined that the person receiving the notice has illegally downloaded "Game of Thrones" or other copyright protected entertainment and that unless they pay a settlement within 72 hours, the matter will be turned over to their attorneys. DONT FALL FOR IT!

The victim is being directed to a website where they can pay up. People falling for this social engineering tactic end up paying to a cybercriminal.

If you receive such a notice and want to verify if this is for real or not, contact the real IP-Echelon directly which you can do here:

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