We know that if we have a problem it will be listened to and all efforts to find a solution will be made. The tech support team at CRC has been easy to talk with and very supportive.” Doug Sims, General Manager

Auburn Water System describes their mission as  a “constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. “

This year, they have enjoyed distinctions like Florida Trend’s “Best Small Companies to Work for in Florida” and Florida Rural Water Association’s “Medium Water Company of the Year”.

What is the key to their success? General Manager Doug Sims , coming up on 10 years with the company, is emphatic that the secret to success lies with his employees. Doug gives them complete credit and lauds their capacity to grow and learn with the organization.

For example, much of the clerical staff have been encouraged to become Certified Water Operators, with more currently studying for the test. By encouraging these opportunities, Doug says, they are creating “redundancy” within their organization in case of a worst-case scenario. (Doug has 33 years prior experience thinking of the worst-case-scenario as Okaloosa County's Director of  Environmental, Epidemiology, Emergency Operations!)

As the team at Auburn Water System grew, it became clear that they needed an IT support firm with the ability to provide 24/7 coverage, implement sophisticated backup procedures, and stay ahead of cyber criminals with the newest and most effective malware and antivirus tools.

With CRC Data Technologies at the helm, the team at Auburn Water System can put more time into handling internal tasks, improving their processes, and providing excellent customer service!

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