dwu-building“Over the years CRC has helped protect us from cyber attacks and manage our systems. They were there to assist us when we received threatening letters, later discovering they were scam attempts.” -Lockwood Wernet.

With estimated service to over 40,000 in the summer and more than 12,000 people in the winter months, Destin Water Users plays a huge role in our city. Destin Water Users, Inc. is located in the heart of Destin, with a service area covering most of the City of Destin and portions of Okaloosa County. Starting in 1963, DWU has grown and adapted to Destin’s need for good, clean water. They Provide water for many residential homes, condos, even small business, and restaurants.

What distinguishes Destin Water Users?  “Vision and Stewardship,” says General Manger Lockwood Wernet.  “We strive to always be ahead and not reacting.  Having what is required to get things done and see what is on the horizon. We have the responsibility of services trusted to us.  Providing safe drinking water to our community is the main focus.”

Initially, DWU called on CRC Data Technologies to help recover a failed email server.  After CRC stood up the more stable and resilient system, DWU recognized the need for 24/7 support.  In an industry that requires constant up-time, the demands of preventing interruption are high.  DWU chose to bring CRC Data Technologies on full time to advise on matters of network security and industry best practices as well as monitoring the performance of all system in their data center.

Pointing out the benefits of using an experienced IT services provided, Lockwood mentioned, “It’s a smart use of our resources having CRC, we have been able to grow and respond to changes over the years, which has made us successful.”