Imagine your son walking to his car after a long day at work, or your daughter jogging around campus before finishing her homework. Now imagine someone coming up behind them, unexpectedly. What do they do? They have been caught off guard by an attacker.  Luckily, they have their phone on hand and are able to signal to you and 4 of their closest friends, alerting you they are in trouble! Within minutes someone has called 911 with their exact location and you are connected to the group with up-to-date facts on the situation.

Aluma Connect has announced the pre-order of their latest product. The first personal safety device that attaches directly to your smartphone, the one thing almost everyone carries at all times. With an epidemic of assaults, kidnapping and worse, the creators knew something had to change. At a low price of 3 for $99.99 per device, this device is something most families can justify for a greater sense of security for their loved ones. To top it off, 25% of profits from the device will be donated to causes that fight to end sexual and aggravated assault.