When we put together our Security Plus package to better protect our clients from emerging cyber-threats, we addressed: security awareness training, dark web scanning, password management, network security policy, and security incident event monitoring.  We figured that would cover everything.  Then we discovered a newcomer to this industry – persistent foothold detection.

The average time to detection is over 180 days!  This means hackers have six-months to explore your network, read your emails, collect your passwords, track your surfing habits and really get to know you.  Contrary to what you see in the movies, there are no flashing warning lights, no sirens blaring, just hackers quietly collecting data about you and your organization.

When your system becomes breached by malicious code, even if the infection is discovered and removed, the injector may have left behind a configuration in your computer that will cause it to connect to their malicious site and automatically re-infect your system.  This means that even after all the viruses and malware have been removed, your computer may still not be safe to use.

Persistent foothold detection scans your computer’s configuration to look in all the places where files are automatically launched.  With a combination of both automatic recognition of already identified tactics and human investigations against any new approaches, this security protection may be the most important in detecting when you’ve been breached and patching the hole in the fence before your attacker has an opportunity to do damage.

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