The growing trend of employees working remotely has resulted in an increase in happiness and productivity. They are regularly connecting to Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops, airports, hotels/Airbnb, their home or even friends. Often these networks are unsecured, jeopardizing anyone who connects to them. Users may not be aware of a hacker using the network to intercept company information. This is called a Man-in-the-Middle attack.

Unfortunately, when you're connecting to a public network, there is a chance of a rogue network. Hackers may have named a network very similar to the secure network, in hopes that people will connect without realizing it. The hacker may then log the information and online data from its users.

Employee training is crucial. They should know which network is safe to use by asking common questions such as: is the network encrypted, who set up the network and what information may be logged? If your employees work remotely or while traveling, they should be using a company VPN. A VPN encrypts the employee’s connection and, therefore, secures it from MitM attacks or rogue networks. Ultimately, keeping your company information safer.