Apple and PC Computer Repair Center

Walk-ins are welcome, no appointment is necessary.

Our Destin computer repair center has a 20-year reputation of creating customized repair plans to meet your needs, budget, and expectations, with a 30 day warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Destin computer repair center specializes in areas such as virus removal, hardware upgrades, email support, and data recovery. Many issues can be resolved very quickly. Our average turn around time is 48 hours. Speak with our computer repair technicians for a better understanding of what your issue entails.

On Site Repair

When you need someone to effectively service the computers at your office and you don't want them to cause disruption in your office while doing so, CRC Data Technologies' computer repair solutions may be right for you. Instead of forcing you to disconnect your computer and bring it to our location for services that may take a few days, we come to you and solve all of your computer issues.

CRC Data Technologies' services and solutions across Northwest Florida help you with the following:

  • PC and server repair– If you have more than one piece of equipment down, we can fix anything you need to have repaired.
  • Apple Authorized Service Provider - You can be confident that our technicians are current on all certifications.
  • Software and hardware upgrades– When we're done fixing your computer, we'll update it to keep it running at its best.
  • Lightning quick services– We won't waste your time with week-long service projects, we'll get it done fast.

With our easy and affordable on-site computer repair services throughout the Emerald Coast, you can expect the best out of your PC network.

Authorized Apple & Mac Repair


CRC Data Technologies is the area's only Certified Apple/MacBook repair provider to service the Emerald Coast from Pensacola all the way to Tallahassee and surrounding areas. You can be confident that our technicians are current on all certifications. All non-warranty services are billable with a one hour minimum. Our in-house repair queue is first come first served and on-site repairs are available by appointment. (Note: We do not service iPhone at this time. Currently we provide warranty mail-in iPad repairs only.)

Call us today (850) 426-4405 to see how we can help you.