If We Experience A Computer Outage, CRC Gets Us Back Up Quickly Which Potentially Saves Us Thousands of Dollars In Lost Productivity Costs.

"CRC has assisted us with being more technologically efficient, which means more productivity out of our employees. In addition, if we experience a computer outage, CRC gets us back up quickly which potentially saves us thousands of dollars in lost productivity costs. CRC has established offsite backup systems that provide a great level of comfort should we experience some sort of catastrophic hardware and/or data loss from natural or unnatural circumstances.” expresses Attorney Coy Browning.



Browning Law Firm Attorney Coy Browning

“CRC was able to fix our rat’s nest!"

“The amount of time CRC has saved us, between the efficiency and streamlining has cut our downtime to zero,” “CRC was able to fix our rat’s nest! Before, we had 4-5 different I.T vendors that we had used, who would just patch the mess. CRC came in, cleaned up our server room and redid our cabling and network.” mentions Dana Whiteman.

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We Are Able to Maximize Our Performance and Focus on Providing Fire Safety to Our Area Because We No Longer Have to Worry About IT Issues.

“Most people do not realize that our servers and computers play an important role in our job. Everything has to be posted to our site, without it, we wouldn’t be able to perform. CRC has freed up our IT concerns and issues allowing us to focus on the important things.” states Chief Tilley. “We are able to maximize our performance and focus on providing fire safety to our area because we no longer have to worry about IT issues.”


Okaloosa Island Fire District Okaloosa Island Fire District

CRC has helped protect us from cyber attacks and manage our systems

"Over the years CRC has helped protect us from cyber attacks and manage our systems. They were there to assist us when we received threatening letters, later discovering they were scam attempts. It's a smart use of our resources having CRC, we have been able to grow and respond to changes over the years, which has made us successful."

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Local IT Professionals Keeping Us Current and Protected.

Security, privacy, and confidentiality are critical to being able to provide our clients with the kind of dependable services they have become accustomed to receiving. The knowledge and experience that CRC offers have allowed us to stay as current as possible with the latest security threats and technology options that would be impossible to manage on our own.

"Trey" Runnels Hall & Runnels, P.A

"We chose CRC due to the quality of work and the responsibility they take in making sure our systems are always up and running.”

"For over 10 years CRC has been very responsive to our needs and willing to work hand-in-hand for us to accomplish our goals. They have gone out of their way to meet our needs, even when we aren't aware of them. A really great organization."

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The confidence to try new technology to make the way we do business better.

"CRC Data Technologies gives us the confidence to try new technology to make the way we do business better. We started having more problems than our current provider could handle and we were referred to CRC. Their quick response, knowledge, and service were the deciding factors."

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Extreme flexibility and manage our business anywhere in the world.

"We have consistently relied on CRC Data's expertise to keep our business operating successfully when we needed it, including after-hours. They have been wonderful providing timely responses once an issue was reported. CRC was also an integral part of our decision to move away from a local server and move to a cloud-based computing platform. They advised us through the transition and it has allowed us to have extreme flexibility and manage our business anywhere in the world."

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One of the best feelings of bringing on CRC Data Technologies is the almost non-existent down time and the improved performance overall.

"We chose CRC Data because of their professionalism and prompt service. Over the last year CRC has helped us advance our business by ensuring we are able to perform more efficiently and given us the opportunity to be more proficient on a daily basis.”

Joyce Adams Continental Pacific, LLC.